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Custom GIS Application Development from Ransom Consulting

A picture is worth 1,000 words – even from 10,000 ft.

When a project is identified as one that contains large amounts of data that would be more readily interpreted visually, Ransom Consulting employs geographic information system (GIS) technology to more effectively and efficiently capture, analyze, visualize and share information with our clients.

By using advanced GIS capabilities, often combined with a spatial information technology (SIT) solution, Ransom’s engineers are able to better understand and interpret vast amounts of (disparate) information. This enhanced vision can lead to the discovery of previously unknown relationships and also provides a dynamic platform to test multiple “what if” scenarios.

Today, Ransom’s GIS application services assist with Phase I ESAs, Phase II investigations, municipal and community development projects, brownfield information management, remedial action planning, storm water management and many other geo-location based projects.

Maps, Graphs and Charts – Communicate quickly with Ransom GIS.

The information collected and analyzed through Ransom’s GIS and SIT systems can paint a clear and compelling picture of the project at hand and also often helps simplify the communication of complex issues. These systems also provide a clear view of landscapes that would otherwise be impossible to see.

Using a GIS solution, for example, municipalities are able to inventory their subsurface infrastructure, overlay a common street map on top of those schematics, and be better prepared to fix any issue that may arise – before they even break ground on site.

A powerful tool for any development project, these need based solutions are built to incorporate static, dynamic, real-time and forecasted data.

GIS & Ransom – Short term solutions and long term opportunities.

In addition to using GIS applications as a value added service for specific client projects, Ransom also facilitates and manages ongoing GIS programs for a number of clients directly. This dedicated attention and ongoing refinement works to expand the utilization and functionality of the initial GIS framework (improving the overall ROI) and provide additional insights based on updated data.

For more information about custom GIS application services from Ransom, please contact:

Nicholas O. Sabatine, P.G.
Principal / Vice President / Senior Geologist
Phone: 207-772-2891

Ransom Consulting – Orchestrating a symphony of change.

Working in concert to confidently direct a diverse group of project stakeholders, Ransom Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to develop a GIS application that can help uncover the answers you have been searching for.


A sampling of GIS application services at Ransom Consulting include:

  • Cartographic Services
  • Data Creation
  • Data Management
  • Data Management Planning 
  • Database Design
  • Field Mapping
  • GIS Strategic Planning
  • Map Book Creation
  • Mobile Data Collection Applications
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