Grant Writing Assistance

Grant Writing Assistance from Ransom Consulting.

Finding adequate project funding is a key to success.

Ransom understands the many and various issues often associated with getting a community or privately funded redevelopment project off the ground. A major stumbling block that can stop even the most worthwhile project in its tracks is securing enough funding.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, funding can (and usually must) come from several sources – from private investments to federal funds. However, each method also comes with its own application process and regulations dictating the specific use, term and repayment schedule of the funds.

Funding Redevelopment with Low Interest Loans & Grants.

For many redevelopment and cleanup projects, a particularly attractive type of funding is a grant.

Grants are financial awards that are used for specific purposes. They are generally provided by a foundation, private company or the government. Grants are very attractive funding options for developers because they do not require repayment – as long as the project being funded is considered to be eligible and work is completed as promised.

Another viable funding option that many Ransom clients also consider is low interest loans. These loans are usually offered to encourage property and business development at a local or state level.

Ransom solves the ‘Great Grant Paradox’ – Too many options. Too little time.

From brownfield cleanup grants to community development grants and economic development grants, there are project-specific funds available from hundreds of sources located throughout the United States.

Although grants can be an extremely attractive funding option, many non-profits and municipalities may not have the dedicated resources, time or expertise needed to thoroughly research and write a winning grant proposal.

Organizations throughout the northeast turn to Ransom’s team of senior professionals for assistance locating, understanding and applying for valuable grants to turn their dreams and visions into reality.

For more information about grant writing services from Ransom Consulting, please contact:

Peter J. Sherr, P.E.
Principal / Senior Project Engineer
Phone: 207-772-2891


Examples of the types of grants Ransom Consulting has secured for past clients include:

  • Brownfield Assessment (Hazardous & Petroleum) Grants
  • Brownfield Cleanup Grants
  • Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Grants
  • Communities for Maine’s Future Grants
  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)
  • Department of Economic & Community Development (DECD)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Grants
  • Economic Development Administration (EDA) Public Works Grants
  • Non-Profit Development Grants
  • Rails to Trails Grants
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Grant Support
  • US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Authority (USDA) Grants
  • US Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Grants
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