Hazardous Materials Inventory

Hazardous Materials Inventory Services from Ransom Consulting.

A clear picture of what lies beneath.

Identifying and assessing what may be lurking beneath the surface (asbestos, lead, PCBs) of any structural renovation or demolition project – before it begins – insures that property owners are well informed and crews are well prepared to safely address any adverse environmental issues that may arise during construction.

That’s why conducting a hazardous materials inventory (HMI) is a critical, responsible first step for any building remodeling or demolition project.

Ransom’s comprehensive hazardous materials inventory services provide stakeholders (developers and property owners) with the precise information they need to move forward with their site redevelopment plans. Many clients discover another important benefit of conducting an accurate inventory. By documenting hazardous materials in advance, project planners are able to develop more realistic and reliable construction schedules and budgets.

In this way, HMI’s can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate costly change orders and project delays associated with unexpectedly uncovering – then having to shut down operations to remove – harmful substances.

HMI services from Ransom Consulting not only help projects move ahead safely, they also insure that projects are adequately funded (with HM related costs factored in) from the very start.

Ransom’s HMI Specialists – On point. Scouting ahead.

Ransom’s HAZMAT specialists, including industrial hygienists, accredited asbestos and lead inspectors, management planners and abatement designers, all bring many years of experience, a commitment to teamwork and a proven methodology to every project.

In addition to their broad range of technical skills, Ransom’s consultants also stay up to date on pertinent regulatory changes, remediation and containment techniques and the latest reporting and analysis tools available through ongoing, specialized training.

Ransom empowers its clients by providing them with the information they need to safely and proactively address the presence of hazardous materials on site.

By supplying this important information in advance of any construction or demolition activity, Ransom clients are able to move more confidently towards their site redevelop goals – flush with the knowledge that many potentially dangerous pitfalls have been eliminated.

For more information about hazardous material inventory services from Ransom Consulting, please contact:

Heather R. Forgione
Project Manager / Hazardous Materials Specialist
Phone: 978-465-1822

Ransom Consulting – Orchestrating a symphony of change.

Working in concert to confidently direct a diverse group of project stakeholders, including financial institutions, attorneys, developers, engineers and construction managers, Ransom Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to confidently and accurately identify and assess the risks associated with hazardous building materials.


Our comprehensive hazardous materials inventory (HMI) services also include:

  • Addressing Material Recycling & Disposal Concerns
  • Applicable Local, State & Federal Regulatory Requirements
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Contractor Oversight
  • Estimated Management / Abatement Costs
  • Locating, Identifying & Quantifying Hazardous Materials
  • Recommended Management Practices
  • Worker Safety Concerns
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