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Site Planning Services from Ransom Consulting.

A responsive partner. Turning your vision into a reality.

Ransom Consulting provides a wide array of site planning and civil engineering services to help clients envision, design, manage and implement development projects – that stay on schedule and on budget.

Our reputation for customer responsiveness, high quality work and our ability to consistently deliver economic value are just a few of the reasons why site developers throughout the Northeast have depended on Ransom Consulting to create innovative site (re)development plans for even their most challenging projects.

From the early stages of conceptual planning and permitting, through project construction administration and observation, Ransom delivers a comprehensive collection of site planning and engineering services for institutional, commercial and industrial projects across the Northeast.

Additionally, working closely with private property owners, architects, landscape architects and their associated design and build teams, Ransom Consulting also provides forward-thinking, complete site plans for residential subdivisions.

Ransom keeps on-site teams focused and property owners involved.

All of Ransom’s site plan engineering and land use planning services are purposely designed to actively involve property owners and other team members throughout the entire project. This assures that the property owner’s budget and schedule objectives remain a high priority and also helps to minimize delays resulting from unexpected change requests being placed after construction has begun.

Ransom also takes the lead role coordinating and communicating with utility companies, environmental agencies, municipal entities and other stakeholders at the earliest phase of site planning and throughout the entire duration of the project.

Rather than wasting valuable time coordinating information with multiple agencies, Ransom clients can focus entirely on the activity and construction progress on-site. Additionally, having a single, dedicated planning resource also helps to greatly reduce the chances of miscommunication and scheduling conflicts occurring during construction.

For more information about site planning services from Ransom Consulting, please contact:

Tom Henaghen, P.E.
Senior Practice Leader - Civil/Coastal Engineering
Phone: 207-772-2891

Ransom Consulting – Orchestrating a symphony of change.

Working in concert to confidently direct a diverse group of project stakeholders, including financial institutions, attorneys, developers, engineers and construction managers, Ransom Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to develop innovative site redevelopment plans for even the most challenging environments.


Site planning services at Ransom Consulting include:

  • Construction Administration and Observation
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Land Use Planning & Programming
  • Site Plan Engineering
  • Traffic Circulation & Parking Planning
  • Utility Planning, Design & Coordination
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