Stormwater Engineering

Stormwater Management Services from Ransom Consulting.

Proven solutions for an ever changing issue.

With an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the complex and dynamic relationship between geological, hydrological and hydraulic forces, Ransom Consulting develops responsible strategies for managing stormwater runoff – protecting private property, natural resources and public safety.

Throughout the Northeast, the experienced team civil engineers, scientists, geologists and hydrogeologists at Ransom Consulting have designed effective stormwater management plans to control, divert and treat stormwater from single family homes, large residential subdivisions, commercial sites and industrial parks.

Ransom is also a trusted resource for developing plans for large scale projects such as municipal stormwater collection systems and engineering steadfast plans to protect communities from even the strongest “500 Year Storm” – a catastrophic weather event that has a 1 in 500 or .2% chance of happening in any given year.

Frequently, Ransom also answers the call to evaluate combined sewer systems and provide innovative solutions for separating sewers and storm drain flow to prevent overboard discharges of effluent into protected natural resources.

Stormwater systems built for New England.

Working together, Ransom’s team of scientists and engineers are able develop and test multiple scenarios based on the existing site hydrology and past weather events. The team is then able to create different models to analyze the effects of increasing quantities of stormwater and design a system to support it.

Our team of experienced scientists and engineers are New Englanders who thoroughly understand the unique geological and environmental conditions that can make stormwater management projects especially challenging. From poor soil conditions to harsh frost, freeze and thaw cycles, Ransom designs stormwater systems that can stand up to the elements – no matter how ‘wicked bad’ they get.

For more information about stormwater management planning services from Ransom Consulting, please contact:

Tom Henaghen, P.E.
Senior Practice Leader - Civil/Coastal Engineering
Phone: 207-772-2891

Ransom Consulting – Orchestrating a symphony of change.

Working in concert to confidently direct a diverse group of project stakeholders, including financial institutions, attorneys, developers, engineers and construction managers, Ransom Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to develop stormwater management solutions that last.


A sampling of the stormwater management services at Ransom Consulting include:

  • Local and State Permitting
  • Stormwater Quantity & Quality Evaluations
  • Sustainable Design
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