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Environmental Modeling From Ransom Consulting, Inc.

Capturing the present to plan for the future.

Environmental modeling is both an art and a science. Ransom’s talented modeling specialists have the technical expertise, analytical training and creative vision to develop and present multiple scenarios that demonstrate the complex relationships between changing environmental elements over time.

These simulations often provide a view into the inner workings of an interrelated environmental system that would otherwise be impossible. In this way, the process of developing and calibrating an accurate environmental model reaffirms that existing (or conceptual) site assumptions are correct – but only if the model can precisely replicate current conditions.

Ransom consistently achieves this important baseline for clients by combining a proven process with powerful software modeling tools and extensive on-site experience, specifically in the areas of surface water modeling, groundwater modeling, sea level/coastal modeling and slope stability modeling.

Ransom Consulting: Connecting the dots through complex modeling.

With the confidence and expertise to tackle even the most complex, high profile projects, Ransom engineers and scientists have created dozens of complex models that provide critical insight into the areas of nuclear power plant site operation, decommissioning as well as coastal flood plain mapping.

In fact, Ransom’s professional modelers have provided groundwater modeling solutions for seven nuclear power plants and many CERCLA (Superfund), RCRA and large landfill sites across the United States.

In addition to these high profile sites, Ransom has modeled many other types of environments, such as:

Groundwater Modeling

Measuring the effects of well withdrawal on stream flow.
Identifying the potential for saltwater intrusion.
Forecasting the impact of septic systems on the regional aquifer.
Determining well water optimization and irrigation plans for commercial applications.

Coastal Modeling

Coastal circulation and flushing models created to evaluate the impact of aquaculture.
Large scale, wave modeling (FEMA) for coastal flood risk re-mapping.

Looking for help predicting the future of a groundwater or surface water regime? Trying to measure the impact of rising seawater levels on the long-term stability of a slope or beach? Contact Ransom today.

For more information about environmental modeling services from Ransom, contact:

Nicholas O. Sabatine, P.G.
Principal / Vice President / Senior Geologist
Phone: 207-772-2891

Ransom Consulting – Orchestrating a symphony of change. 

Working in concert to confidently direct a diverse group of project stakeholders, architects, structural engineers and construction managers, Ransom Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to create accurate environmental models that can help identify potential risks and remove uncertainty.


A sampling of Ransom’s environmental modeling services include:

  • 3-dimensional groundwater deterministic or stochastic flow, path line and solute transport analysis using the Groundwater Vistas GWV6™ pre- and post-processor.
  • Groundwater modeling of variable density flow, radioactive or biological decay, sorption/desorption, dual porosity, diffusion and multi-species transport in both surficial and fractured bedrock.
  • Watershed runoff and erosion and sediment transport modeling.
  • Peak flow modeling and routing with HEC-RAS and Hydro-CAD™.
  • 2-D Wave modeling with STWAVE6 through the Aquaveo SMS™ pre- and post-processor.
  • Wave run-up modeling via CHAMP, CEDAS, TAW Berm and BOUSS-2D software.
  • Coastal circulation modeling via ADCIRC and RMA2 through the Aquaveo SMS™ pre- and post-processor.
  • Coastal solute transport dilution & dispersion with RMA4.
  • Coastal erosion & deposition modeling with FESWMS-FST2DH and GENESIS.
  • Slope stability investigation and modeling for factor of safety against failure.
  • Slope movement real-time monitoring during reservoir drawdown using Measurand SAA’s™.
  • Preparation and analysis of complex 3D data sets with Rockworks™ and ESRI 3-D Analyst™.
  • Presentation of results in a variety of visualization formats including 3D and “movie” simulations.
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