Civil Engineering

Ransom’s civil engineers are constantly innovating resilient solutions for our clients.  From conceptual design, to planning and permitting and project construction, we partner with  institutional, commercial and industrial clients as well as private property owners and their associated design and build teams.

Our process is responsive to your needs and the project parameters. All of Ransom’s site plan engineering and land use planning services are purposely designed to actively involve property owners and other team members throughout the entire project. Ransom also takes the lead role coordinating and communicating with utility companies, environmental agencies, municipal entities and other stakeholders at the earliest phase of site planning and throughout the entire duration of the project.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility is key. Our engineers employ a wide range of green design techniques as we consider innovative solutions to celebrate the local, unique aspects of a given site and its community. 

Our designs incorporate innovative and value-added strategies including rain gardens, earth berming, bioretention ponds, erosion control measures, slope stabilization, and stormwater diversion.

Civil Engineering

Our Services

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Ransom’s Civil Engineering services include:

  • Construction administration and observation
  • Landscape architecture
  • Land use planning and programming
  • Site plan engineering
  • Traffic circulation and parking planning
  • Utility planning, design and coordination