Water & Wastewater


Ransom provides ongoing hydrogeologic and geologic expertise to our private sector and municipal clients to identify and establish new drinking water supplies, irrigation water sources and potential threats to existing water supplies.  

Ransom understands the importance of approaching all water supply projects with long term sustainability and resource management in mind. As a precious natural resource, we are committed to developing responsible water systems and programs that balance production with protecting and preserving aquifers for generations to come. 

Ransom’s team is proficient with technically demanding aquifer monitoring programs that are required for regulatory compliance of drinking water and irrigation water supplies.  In fact, our team has specific expertise in the areas of locating and accessing both overburden and bedrock aquifers – two of the more commonly found sources of well water in northern New England.

Ransom consistently achieves this important baseline for clients by combining a proven process with powerful software modeling tools and extensive on-site experience, specifically in the areas of surface water modeling, groundwater modeling, sea level/coastal modeling and slope stability modeling.


Ransom provides engineering and permitting expertise to a broad range of clients working on a full spectrum of projects from infrastructure upgrades to new systems. Ransom works closely with all stakeholders to follow the project from initial design and permitting to bid development and construction oversight.

Poland Springs

Our Services

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Ransom’s Water and Wastewater services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Surface water evaluations
  • Civil engineering
  • Hydrogeologic investigations and monitoring
  • Spring and borehole hydraulic and chemistry evaluations
  • Environmental modeling
  • New source Location
  • Well-head protection
  • Hydrogeologic modeling
  • Mapping
  • Surveys
  • Permitting and annual reporting
  • Public outreach programs
  • Wellhead source protection