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CVS turns to Ransom Consulting for environmental due diligence and geotechnical engineering on new site locations and existing store sites across New England and the mid-Atlantic region. Since 2004, Ransom has provided environmental site assessments, hazardous building materials assessments, geotechnical engineering analysis and remediation services to meet regulatory standards at hundreds of CVS properties in nine states.

The core of our CVS work is environmental due diligence including the following environmental site assessments:

  • Phase I — site history, records review, site inspection, interviews and an assessment of contaminant discharges impacting the site
  • Hazardous Building Materials — quantification and sampling of suspect asbestos, lead-based paint, PCB-containing caulks/finishes, and an inventory of PCB/heavy metals containing equipment
  • Phase II — soil, groundwater and soil vapor sampling, assessment, and reporting
  • Phase III — additional investigation to fully characterize contamination and perform interim remedial action planning

As part of a bundled set of services for our real estate clients, such as CVS, our Ransom teams provide hazardous building materials assessments concurrent with our Phase I assessments and geotechnical engineering explorations concurrent with our Phase II assessments. Our geotechnical services include performing soil borings, test pits or geophysical investigations to characterize subsurface soils and bedrock in order to provide design recommendations for building foundations, as well as providing construction observation services to confirm conditions or assess previously unidentified adverse conditions.

We have partnered both with fee-for-service developers of CVS sites and directly with CVS’s environmental and construction teams, as well as outside counsel for CVS to provide environmental construction support and to assist with assessing potential environmental liability associated with CVS’s proposed property leases, acquisitions and construction activities.